Automotive Speciality

I offer a range of Automotive Photography services which you can learn about below. I work with race teams and publishers to capture and document different motoring events across the UK.

I'm a creative individual with attention to detail. My style is honest and natural and I focus on capturing the unique personality of each car and driver. I am always furthering my knowledge of the automotive world to make sure I capture the most representative and exciting photographs.

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Event Coverage

Whether you're holding a car show, track day, race event or a small car meet, I offer both photographic and journalistic services.

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Car Photo Sessions

I offer dedicated photo sessions for privately owned cars.
During these photo sessions I capture the details and personality of your car and everything that makes it unique, from both the inside and outside. In a single location, a photo session usually lasts for 1-2 hours. With multiple locations or additional cars the sessions will last longer along with an added cost.

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Motorbike Photo Sessions

I offer motorbike photo sessions for individual bikes or for club meetings. During a session I capture both static, detail shots of the bike as well as rolling or panning shots of the rider on the bike.

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I'm an Enthusiast

For as long as I can remember I've loved fast cars and anything with wheels. Being brought up by a family of Petrolheads gave me many opportunities to experience race events and increase my knowledge of the automotive world. Whilst in school I was able to fuel this passion and turn it into a visual art with photography. This was the start of my career as an automotive photographer.

Who do I work with?

I work with Fueltopia as a Freelance writer and photographer, focusing on all aspects of global motoring life.

I join the Outlaw's crew to provide the race team with event coverage for their online platforms.

I work with doing automotive event photography. This ranges from annual car shows to Facebook motorbike events.

Rat'n'Retro is an up-and-coming brand who I work with to help them create product designs and social media content.

Where have I worked?

Santa Pod

I join The Outlaw's crew for Santa Pod's weekend drag racing events, capturing the action on track and life in the pits.


From Festival of Speed to Goodwood's trackday events, it's always a pleasure working at this world-class venue.

Arena Essex

From banger racing and drifting, to ITV 4's DirtQuake, I've photographed it all from inside the ring, at the heart of the action.

Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch is one of my favourite venues to work at for team track days and testing days.

Outlaw Flat Four X Santa Pod Raceway

On the track

The Outlaws are a drag race team predominantly made up of Volkswagen Beetles. If you can run a 12.99 or faster then you'll be considered to join this team of classic speed machines. I join the crew each race weekend to capture the action.

In the pits

I capture the action both on and off the track to share with my audience what happens behind the scenes. In the pits I capture everything that goes into building, racing and caring for these awesome vehicles.

If you want to see more of my work with the Outlaw Flat Four Team, visit their Facebook page here.

Other Automotive Services:

As an all-round photographer I offer a range of services that you can explore here. No job is too big or small and I'm always open to new opportunities.

The VW Engine Company reached out to me when they moved into their new premises. They were in need of some promotional images, so I photographed the whole of their premises. They used the images to update their website as well as create advertising material from banners and flyers to magazine adverts. To find out what they thought of my service, read their testimonial below.



“Calli is a welcome addition to the family that is Outlaw Flat Four. Most of the time Calli is snapping away without anyone's knowledge, this we feel captures a really honest insight into our sport. Her style produces great natural shots of the action both on track and in the pits”