Graphic Design Services

Scribble Drawings

My signature style of graphic design. They take approximately 7+ hours to create, I use a pro graphics tablet and base the design from a photo provided by yourself. These drawings are most popular with car owners but I can design them around anything.


Vector Drawings

My vector drawings are created in a similar way to my scribble drawings but produce a smooth, cartoon appearance. They take approximately 6+ hours to make, I use a pro graphics tablet and base the design from an image provided by yourself.


Typography Designs

My typography designs are created from your chosen subject and words relating to it. This is a great design for a present or logo


Creative Artwork Portfolio

Time Slice

A time slice is where you pick an outdoor location, set your camera up on a tripod and take a photo at timed intervals over several hours. It's called a time slice because by taking each image in the exact same position means you can seamlessly slice and edit them together in Photoshop. When you do this you can see how the elements in the frame change over time. For example, how the light changes and the movement of the water and clouds.

I made this time slice of Tower Bridge in London from the hours of 4pm - 8pm. The weather was slightly overcast which helped to create a moody and cloudy sky. I didn't use all of the images that I took as I picked the most interesting frames, whilst still following a smooth transition of day to night. You can see the golden hour in the centre of the image and the point when the lights on the bridge came on. I composed the image so that the bridge was in the right third of the frame with the space in front of it. I edited the image so that the time moved left to right, following the composition of the image as well as the natural path the audience's eye would take.

Taylor Swift - Cruel Summer

Custom Text - Strong Women

Creating an Image from Text

While learning about fonts and calligraphy at college I was inspired to create an image solely from text. After watching a YouTube tutorial I taught myself how to create these two images. The editing method mainly involved experimenting with layers, but it was important to have the right images to start with. Therefore, I used two low-key images that I had taken in my studio and edited to be black and white. These were ideal images for this technique because they had no colour that needed to be represented properly, all that the text had to do was bring out the light in each image.

For the first image I chose the lyrics from Cruel Summer to use as the text. The lyrics weren't very long which meant the font had to be larger and the image lack detail. Therefore, in the next image I decided to use dense text so that it would hold more detail. To do this I copied and pasted enough extracts from google about what defines a 'strong woman' so that it filled up the page in a small font. I used a serif font for the images because I wanted them to have an elegant atmosphere and to avoid them from being too plain and simple. After the text was implemented I increased the brightness and contrast to help strengthen both images and make them easier for the audience to see.

Creating Magic

After being inspired by Felix Hernandez when he brought the cars from the Dukes of Hazzard to life, I wanted to try it out for myself. I chose my Herbie toy car to be the subject of my photoshoot because he's a car that's known to 'come alive'.

This photo has actually been created by combining several images together in Photoshop. The ground is made from talcum powder and I used dental floss to suspend the car from a tripod standing over the top of it. The rest was created by a series of light drawings with a small torch and a lighter to create the sparks. The aim of this shoot was to create an action scene where Herbie was mid-stunt and slightly on fire. To add effect to this I included some smoke.

Harley Quinn - Time Lapse Edit

As a part of a comics project at college, I turned myself into the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn. From what started as a self portrait and a bit of dress-up, ended up being one of my most highly detailed images that I've edited.

To see me edit this image then watch my YouTube video, or to read more about what went into creating this piece, read my blog post below.

Best Photograph in Show - USP College End of Year Creative Arts Show

The work you see below is my final art piece which I made for my End of Year Creative Arts Show at college. I was inspired by the work of KayLynn Deveney and after researching her methods and making several of my own developments, this was my final piece.

It shows a day in the life of my Golden Retriever, Duke. Through a collection of 13 polaroid-stye photographs, we gain an insight into my dog's day where he goes for a walk, plays with his sister and has a nap on the couch. I have incorporated handwritten captions under each photograph and connected them together by a simple piece of string. I have also included my dogs printed paw prints which I made my dipping his feet in black watercolour and then pressing them onto white sheets of paper. I then scanned them into my computer and printed them onto glossy photo paper like I did with the rest of my photographs.