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Freelance Photographer & Automotive Artist

I am a Photographer and an Automotive Enthusiast. I love the colour pink, dogs are my weakness and I have a soft spot for Classic Volkswagen Beetles. I am currently completing a Photography Degree at the Univeristy for the Creative arts.

My Story...

I started studying photograpy in 2015 when I took it as a GCSE. At the time I took it because I thought it was an 'easier subject' as I had already chosen to take harder subjects like computer science and geography. This was when I first realised my passion for the subject and I haven't stopped practicing it since. After completing my GCSE I studied Photography at college where I completed an Extended Diploma in the subject. I also gained an Extended Project Qualification after conducting an independent project into Car Culture which resulted in me holding my very first own independent photography exhbition. I can proudly say I earnt a distinction in both of these qualifications which allowed me to get at place at the University for the Creative Arts to study...Photography!

Throughout this time I have been building up my business and career by assisting professional photographers with everything from real estate photography to weddings. I have also gained media access to a few automotive venues such as Arena Essex and Santa Pod Raceway where I have been able to build up my automotive portfolio and gain more experience in my favourite area of photography. I now specialise in automotive photography and have crewed for drag racing teams such as the Outlaws and covered automotive events including DirtQuake for ITV.

In the future I plan to complete my University Degree and then go on to be a professional automotive photographer, working at events such as Formula 1 and Formula Drift. Whatever I do, I know my passion for cars will guide me and that it'll be awesome!

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