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I am currently selling the original prints from my independent photography exhibition. The exhibition was the final part of my Extended Project Qualification on Car Culture, where I explored how it is viewed both positively and negatively by different people in society. Each print is an original and special edition art piece. They are high-quality, industry standard prints which have been printed on glossy poster paper. I have mounted them on A1 black mount board to give them a neat finish.

To purchase a print or to find out more about them, please see the bottom of the page. I have signed the back of each print and if you would like to see each image at high quality then click here. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me.

#01 - Drift Culture

Funk Motorsport brought their s13 drift machine to King of the Ring at the recently retired Arena Essex Raceway, where it attracted a crowd of excited car enthusiasts. The summertime sunset helped to create a warm atmosphere throughout the event.


#02 - Eleanor the 1974 Beetle

Eleanor was one of the first cars to be a part of the car culture project. She's been built to drift and has a stunning mix of red and blue paint topped off with some patina to match her Rat 'n' Retro personality.


#03 - The Yellow Pony

One of the most well-known Mustangs in the car community was also a part of the beginning of the car culture project, and is one of the greatest examples of the passion that there is for modifying cars.


#04 - Uniroyal Flare

A modern addition to a classic VW Beetle. This set of Uniroyal tyres have been paired with Porsche Cookie Cutter Wheels. Captured in the beautiful golden hour of a summer's evening.


#05 - Rain, Fire, Racecar

This stormy scene at a now retired Arena Essex Raceway shows the crowd armed with their phones, excited to capture this yellow dragon light up the night with its firery purple breath.


#06 - Vicki Butler-Henderson

Vicki Butler-Henderson at the 2019 Goodwood FOS, interviewing the drivers in their cars before the test runs start.


#07 - Michelle Westby

Drifter and Stunt Driver Michelle Westby, rocking out on her s14a drift car whilst at the UK Fuel Fest event in 2019.


#08 - Kream Promo Girls

Promoting Kream developments at the 2019 Fuel Fest event, three ladies sit on top of their car enjoying the sunshine and positive atmosphere.


#09 - Outlawed

Shot at Santa Pod Raceway during the National Finals event, we see James Wotton in his #100 Outlaw Flat Four Dragster Beetle.
The marshal checks over this eager dragster machine before it's due to tear down the drag strip that lays in front of it.


#10 - Outlaw Flat Four Dragster

It's not often you get to see a Volkswagen Beetle do a wheelie. This stunning piece of engineering put on a great show for the crowd attending the Santa Pod National Finals in 2019.


#11 - That's How Clouds Are Made

Shot at Santa Pod Raceway during the National Finals, this Dodge warmed up its tyres before leaving the crowd's ears full of thunder and their noses filled with the scent of race fuel, as it took its quarter mile run.


#12 - Retro Volkswagen

An artpiece that can be appreciated by any car enthusiast, this photograph shows the subtle mix of retro patina and drifting instruments that gives Eleanor the 74 Beetle her personality.


#13 - Eleanor the 74 Drift Bug

You won't find another beetle that loves to drift like this one does. With a limited slip differential and retro livery, this is one unique beetle.


#14 - Shift Sequence

Nothing says passion and dedication louder than a tattoo that matches the shift pattern of your Volkswagen Camper.


#15 - Rat 'n' Retro

This beetle lives by the saying "If it isn't retro, rat it!". This can be seen all throughout the interior of this unique bug along with evidence of the engineering that's been done to allow this 'slow' car to drift.


#16 - Dragster Tuning

As a race weekend at Santa Pod came to an end, this woman carried out some final maintenance on her dragster.


#17 - Way of Life

An Outlaw racer leaning on his car at Santa Pod with "It's not just a car, it's a way of life" tattooed on his forearm. This was an important image in the car culture project.


#18 - Racing Spirits

From the inside of a Toyota AE86, its retro personality could be seen with these old tax and racing stickers; unique details that makes the car what it is.


#19 - AE86 Daily Drifter

This 80's street car is a popular JDM show piece/drift car within the car community. The car's impressive livery and retro atmosphere caused it to soon become an attractive part of the project.


#20 - #ForPaul

This Ford was covered roof rack to tail pipe in Fast and Furious tributes. It highlights the respect there is within the car community and how the media has influenced automotive enthusiasts.


#21 - Twin Supercharged

This incredibly unique Ford Capri has a beautifully polished, twin supercharged set-up. This photograph was taken whilst at an event held by Ford's Technical Centre in Dunton.


#22 - Southend Patrol

Southend Police Officers keeping a watchful eye on the car meet happening along the sea front whilst a pink and blue ombre sky hangs over them.


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